Our USB Wedding Presentation Video Box

Well it's about time we stepped into the future and realise that wedding DVD's are no longer the best option for our clients. In recent months a few clients have asked for their final wedding video to be on a USB memory stick rather than a traditional wedding DVD. Hooray, we now offer that as a part of our standard wedding package. This also meant we had to look into making our USB wedding presentation unique to our style. For hours we searched the internet to find a complete solution to have a company design and make our USB wedding video packaging. We found some great companies too, but felt non of them offered something that truly represented our style. In the end we made something ourselves and hope our future clients love it;

The USB Wedding Presentation

We are so pleased with how our packaging has turned out and would like to tell you how we went about it. My partner came up with the idea of using a custom made fob, I turned to Etsy to find a local UK supplier for the wedding USB label. We found a lady called Nora Klotz who works with leather. She made us these beautiful custom leather USB labels that have our company name, 3 Cheers or Wedding written on them.

Next up we decided to use recycled eco card boxes, with wood wall as a cushion. These are normally used as jewellery boxes due to the size but thought they would be perfect for the USB wedding presentation and packaging. These can be found on Amazon and local suppliers. 

Now for the branding, due to our wedding DVD packaging we already had custom stamps made by a USA Etsy company. These are used on the front of the USB wedding presentation box for the 3 Cheers Media company logo. Then on the inside we use a stamp that says; 'Thanks for sharing your story with me'

The USB Presentation Poem;

Lastly we thought we would top it off with a little ditty to put in the presentation box for the USB care instruments. After all it's important to know a few things about what this USB can do and to make sure clients remember to BACK UP!!! For those who want to read my poetic skills; Inside this box is your special memory, contained within a 3 Cheers Media USB.  It will play on whichever is your favourite device, but first it will need opening with your computer-side mice.  From iPads, iPhones, laptops and TV, once you copy the file it’s just plain ease.  But don't forget, not all's built to last, back up, back up, so it's not lost to the past.  We hope you enjoy your unique custom movie, a review of the work will help business run smoothly!