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ESSEX Wedding videography: Friendly, professional and affordable!

Welcome to 3 Cheers Media wedding videography, we specialise in affordable, professional and truly creative wedding videography for Essex and the surrounding counties. We have over 10 years experience in wedding videography and take great pride in getting to know our clients and making a video memory that will be treasured. We offer a variety of wedding video packages at very affordable price plans that we taylor to our clients taste and style. Getting to know you is important so we can produce a wedding video that feels personal, using music that you love and a style to match the theme of the day from a vintage wedding, classic style, rustic and more. Check out one of our latest Essex cinematic wedding trailers by clicking the image below…


Unique wedding videography Southend covering Essex and the Southeast of England. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life – a moment that is unrepeatable and truly personal. A wedding video can capture all of this and more! Choose 3 Cheers Media: wedding videography Southend for affordable, professional, unique and friendly wedding video services. We take such pride in making a truly unique and creative wedding video that shows the special touches that took time to prepare, the spoken words that are lost in a picture and the flow of the dress on that all-important first dance.

We film your wedding day to suit your needs. We can start from bridal preparations all the way through to the end of the night. Capturing such important wedding videography highlights as the vows, the confetti shot, the speeches, first dance and more. Take a look at the packages we offer to fit with your wedding budget and get in touch for a full quote.


We truly believe we offer Essex wedding videographer packages at affordable prices. We don’t see the word ‘wedding’ and add £1000 onto the wedding video price tag. It’s all worked fairly on hours of labour, equipment used and creative flare. Look at our competition and see wedding videos for double the price. Remember all wedding videography packages and prices can be customised, so nothing is set in stone.

Tier One Wedding Video Package 3 Cheers Media


ESSEX Wedding Video – Tier One – £1049*

From the groom and guests arrival, venue shots and details, ceremony and photos. This package finishes just before the wedding breakfast starts. Great for people who want to capture the build up, the ceremony and then some detailed shots. Includes a USB presentation box with the full edit of the video captured on the day to the music of your choice and a cinematic wedding highlights video for the web to use on social media like Facebook and Youtube.

Tier Two Essex Wedding Video Package 3 Cheers Media


ESSEX Wedding Video – Tier Two – £1149*

Again, starting from the groom and guests arrival all the way to the first dance, a great way cap the video off. Perfect for a complete memory of the day, capturing full speeches, ceremony and all the details throughout the wedding. A popular choice that includes a USB presentation box of the full wedding edit and a cinematic wedding trailer video for the web to use on social media sites like Facebook and Youtube.

Essex Wedding Video Prices and Packages 3 Cheers Media


ESSEX Wedding Video – Tier Three – £1299*

The full wedding cake! All the way from bridal preparations up until night time celebrations. This is the one for people who want nothing left out, all the nuts and bolts or should we say, confetti and cake. You will receive a full length video fully edited with the music of your choice and a cinematic wedding trailer great for social media sites like Facebook and Youtube. The Essex wedding video package includes our USB presentation box.

 Optional Extras;

+£249 Drone Footage

Subject to weather conditions on the day and venue permission. If you book arial drone footage but we are unable to film due to poor weather there will be a £49 fee for having the kit ready for the day. We use a professional DJI Mavic Pro drone to film the venue and surrounding areas to give your highlights and main video that little something extra!

+£139 The Video Guest Book

This can be filmed shortly after the wedding breakfast. An announcement will be made for guests to join the videographer to say a special message for the Bride and Groom. Please note, the turn out and number of messages will be down to the spirit and will of the guests. Special questions can be arranged before hand to personalise your video guestbook.

+£149 Extended Highlights with the Grooms Speech Added to the Trailer

Looking for a longer highlights video with even more emotion? Adding some audio and clips from the grooms speech will do just the trick! We go over the speech and pull out the best bits to make the trailer really come to life.

*Please note, prices stated above are for wedding videography packages based in our Essex travel area. They are also based on a single venue quotation. Email for a quotation if your wedding is over 30 miles travel from the location of Southend-on-Sea or you have multi venues, e.g. church and reception.


what’s included

our essex videographER services


You may be asking how long does the USB take to make? Well, we pride ourselves on making high end professional Essex Wedding Videos, so after we film the day, the editing process needs time and love. Getting great shots on the day goes along way but the editing is where the real magic happens. Some edits will run into 3-4 days of work depending on the wedding footage filmed, this will be taking place alongside many other wedding and video productions we produce. This means we work on the audio levels, colours, brightness and cinematic style to make it a memory that will last forever. With all that in mind turnaround times for wedding videos shouldn't need to be a few months like some companies will estimate. We estimate between 4-6 weeks in quiet season (Autumn and Winter) and 4-8 weeks during peak season (Spring and Summer). Also an average Essex wedding video edit can be between 40 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes, all dependent on the lengths of the speeches and ceremony. If you would prefer a shorter version, more like an extended highlights package, just ask!

Essex Wedding Video Packaging 3 Cheers Media

Your wedding package

Your package includes a USB that has a copy of your wedding highlights and the final full length wedding video. This wedding USB will be in a format ready for iPhones, iPads, computers and streaming services like Apple TV.  Your wedding USB will be in full HD quality which is one of the main reasons we now choose this over DVD which are only Standard Definition. If you have specific format you would like, let us know before hand. If you are looking for DVD’s as your final format then don’t worry we can still help. Production of DVD’s can be arranged as an extra to your wedding video USB at a charge of £49. This includes 2 discs with chapters and menus. If you don’t want the USB option and prefer DVD’s then we would charge an additional £20 to author and create a DVD option.

Well it’s about time we stepped into the future and realise that wedding DVD’s are no longer the best option for our clients. In recent years clients have asked for their final wedding video to be on a USB memory stick rather than a traditional wedding DVD. Hooray, we now offer that as a part of our standard wedding package. This also meant we had to look into making our USB wedding presentation unique to our style. For hours we searched the internet to find a complete solution to have a company design and make our USB wedding video packaging. We found some great companies too, but felt non of them offered something that truly represented our style. In the end we made something ourselves and hope our future clients love it.

Our USB Wedding Presentation Video Box

We are so pleased with how our packaging has turned out and would like to tell you how we went about it. My partner came up with the idea of using a custom made fob, I turned to Etsy to find a local UK supplier for the wedding USB label. We found a lady called Nora Klotz who works with leather. She made us these beautiful custom leather USB labels that have our company name, 3 Cheers or Wedding written on them.

Next up we decided to use recycled eco card boxes, with wood wall as a cushion. These are normally used as jewellery boxes due to the size but thought they would be perfect for the USB wedding presentation and packaging. These can be found on Amazon and local suppliers. 

Now for the branding, due to our wedding DVD packaging we already had custom stamps made by a USA Etsy company. These are used on the front of the USB wedding presentation box for the 3 Cheers Media company logo. Then on the inside we use a stamp that says; ‘Thanks for sharing your story with me’

Essex Wedding Videography Packages 3 Cheers Media
Essex Wedding Video Production 3 Cheers Media


Lastly we thought we would top it off with a little ditty to put in the presentation box for the USB care instruments. After all it’s important to know a few things about what this USB can do and to make sure clients remember to BACK UP!!! For those who want to read my poetic skills; Inside this box is your special memory, contained within a 3 Cheers Media USB.  It will play on whichever is your favourite device, but first it will need opening with your computer-side mice.  From iPads, iPhones, laptops and TV, once you copy the file it’s just plain ease.  But don’t forget, not all’s built to last, back up, back up, so it’s not lost to the past.  We hope you enjoy your unique custom movie, a review of the work will help business run smoothly!



Our latest articles from 3 Cheers Meida’s blog on planning the perfect Essex wedding video. Including music ideas to create the perfect wedding video soundtracks. Interview questions for brides and grooms that choose to have a video guestbook and how we present the final Essex wedding video using our USB wedding video packaging.