Essex Wedding Video Completion Times

Providing the best customer service is always at the top of our minds. That's why you will never hear expressions like; "I'm sorry we are running behind on your wedding video edit - We need more time to finish your wedding video - Your wedding video is going to be a few weeks late". Turnaround times for wedding videos are at the forefront of our minds so we have a simple rule to go by;

Wedding video turnaround times in the hight of our busy period (Late Spring/Summer) - 6-8 weeks

Wedding video turnaround any other time of year - 4-6 weeks - Quality is in time!

You may be asking what takes the time? Well, we pride ourselves on making high end professional Essex Wedding Videos, so after we film the day, the editing process needs time and love. Getting great shots on the day goes along way but the editing is where the real magic happens. Some edits will run into 3-4 days of work depending on your production and this is alongside many other productions we produce. This means we work on the audio levels, colour grading, brightness and style to make it a memory that will last forever. So turnaround times for wedding videos shouldn't need to be a few months like some companies will estimate.