A Leez Priory Wedding Video Review


We are so proud to receive yet another 3 Cheers Media wedding review, and this one is a cracker. A massive thank you to Amy for the words posted on our Facebook business page. I read them to my fiancee and she gleamed with pride.

Thank you so much for capturing our Wedding day Matthew. We were undecided whether or not to have a wedding video, as we were not sure that we would need one as well as photos. However, after watching a friends Wedding video created by Matthew, we were absolutely certain that we wanted to go ahead with it! Matthew managed to capture the video perfectly, so much so that watching it back was like reliving the day all over again. There were moments that we felt like we missed out on the actual day, but the video allowed us to catch up on all those different points of view that we didn't experience. We would definitely recommend having a Wedding video made, and would 100% recommend Matthew! We didn't even realise he was there half the time and he made us feel so at ease throughout the day! He worked along side our photographer so well and managed to create such a perfect end product of our special day! Thank you so much! You are very talented

Huge thanks to Amy and Sam for the words, 3 Cheers Media wishes you a long and happy future together.