Masters Performing Arts Website Video

Essex Dance School Video Production


Commissioned by Masters Performing Arts College, located in Essex. This Dance school video production showcases the talent and creativity from one of the leading dance and drama colleges in the UK. The video was made for a brand new launch of the Masters Performing Arts website that has been completely rebranded to reflect the new image of the performing arts college. We used dance and drama footage that we filmed inside the performing arts college alongside cinematic footage from location shoots choreographed by the talented Paul Roberts. The dance school video production is now located centre stage on the Masters website and has received great feedback. Over the years we have worked closely with Masters Performing Arts to produce dance and drama video productions and offer editing services for a variety of drama and dance video productions. We also have a video commissioned by the performing arts college that will feature in this years Move It 2016 show at Excel, London, be sure to check it out if you go.