Our Little Bundle of Joy - Everly Wren Newborn Videography

Truly 'Moving' Images with Essex Newborn Videography

Presenting Everly Wren 'our little bundle of joy' during the first 6 months of her life on the crazy world. I am a proud Dad of this little beauty and as a film maker what better way to capture her spirit than with some newborn videography. At 3 Cheers Media we can turn newborn photography into a moving memory by capturing your little one, wriggle, giggle, cry and burp. After all these are the things you will want to remember in years to come. Moving images capture something a photograph just simple can't, the emotion of the moment, a memory that won't fade and something beautiful you can show them when they are all grown up.

Essex Newborn Photography


Don't get us wrong, newborn photography is also a great way of having a precious memory. We are proud to be friends with the amazing Naomi Barker. Naomi is a local Essex photographer who we work with on weddings at various venues throughout the year. She has perfected the art of newborn photography and has a great portfolio to look at on her website.