Today I have been talking with Southend wedding photographer Gary Derbridge. He is an extremely professional and well sort after Essex wedding photographer that I have the pleasure of working with on many occasions. We will be asking him a series of questions to get to know the man behind the camera.

Southend Wedding Photographer - Questions & Answers!

Gary Derbridge

Gary Derbridge

How long have you been a photographer?

I have been a professional photographer for 8 years, working in the industry full time since 2008.

What did you do before photography?

Before I become a photographer, I worked as a van driver. It was good fun, as I love driving, but nowhere near as good as being a professional photographer!

How did you get into photography?

To be honest with you, it was out of the blue! I was out in Southend for a night out with friends. I saw the photographer taking photographs in the venue and approached him to say how cool his job was. His response was, we are looking for a new photographer, would you like to give it a go? Of course I jumped at the chance and gave the guy my number (honestly believing I would not hear back from him). The following morning, he gave me a call and told me I started that night, and he was lending me one of his cameras. It all went from there!

Did you always want to be a photographer?

As you have just read above, it was more a coincidence getting into photography. I always wanted to be either a Fireman or a Pilot growing up (or a footballer, but I wasn’t very good at football). Once I started, I realised I had a bit of an eye for it and I really enjoyed doing it for a living!

What is your favourite part of a wedding day?

The best part of the day has to be the bride walking down the aisle, and the grooms face when he first sees her. It’s pretty special!

What has been your favourite venue so far?

I have been lucky enough to photograph weddings all around the UK, and abroad, but if I keep it to local Essex venues it would have to be Gosfield Hall. It’s simply beautiful!

What top tip would you give a bride?

The best tip I have come across during my time in the wedding industry is supplying flip-flops for the ladies come the evening. You know what it’s like when you have been wearing your heels all day, and your feet are throbbing the last thing you feel like doing is then dancing in high heels. Buy a bulk load of cheap flip flops online, and let the ladies dance the night away in comfort. They will love you for it!

Where can we see your latest work?

All my latest work can be found on my website,

How would you describe your style and personality?

My photography style is mainly modern and fresh images, offering some more traditional shots (especially for the important ones with your family). I believe my personality to be very relaxed, yet professional. I get to know all of my bride and grooms before the day helping me to get the best photos of them on the day!

On a personal note I would like to thank Gary for all the 3 Cheers Media recommendations he has made to his Southend wedding photography clients and Essex couples. It is always a pleasure to work with such a friendly guy who has the same outlook on client relations and giving great customer service. Cheers Gary!