Essex Dance Videography - 3 Cheers Media

In Silence by Jöelle Le Boutillier

3 Cheers Media filmed and editing this Essex dance video for the incredibly gifted choreography Jöelle Le Boutillier. This dance video was filmed in Essex and stars the talented Masters Performing Arts students and graduates. Masters Performing Arts is one of the industry leading performing arts colleges in the UK and we are fortunate enough to be their preferred choice for dance video production and promotional videos.

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Dance Video Production Essex

This dance piece took one whole day to film so the students certainly worked hard to create such a moving number. We used a Panasonic GH5, shooting in 4K with a flat profile ready to colour grade in the edit room. To capture the movement of the dance we used a DJI Ronin S gimbal and filmed in 50 FPS to get a smooth flow to the dance. Fully edited over two full days using Final Cut Pro X we feel the Essex dance video is truly magical to watch and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it.

Words From Jöelle

A little something from the creator Jöelle Le Boutillier; By creating this piece I wanted to celebrate the people who go beyond to help others. From the emergency services to the passer by who stops to talk to the person on the bridge. 'Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.' Desmond Tutu Love and thanks to my incredible cast from Masters Performing Arts